Infinite Mind Conference NOT the same as Ivory Garden Conference!

Infinite Mind Conference NOT the same as Ivory Garden Conference!

Infinite Mind Conference NOT the same as Ivory Garden Conference!

It has come to my attention that many folks recently attended a conference held by a small group calling themselves An Infinite Mind believing that conference, which was held in Orlando, was somehow affiliated with the Ivory Garden Annual Trauma and Dissociation Conference. Or, folks will talk about how amazing ‘the DID’ conference was without knowledge that there are several DID conferences -all different and presented by different organizations. For instance, there was recently another conference held in Orlando this year, but held by the ISST-D – which had nothing to do with the Infinite Mind Conference or Ivory Garden.

I think this is common with conferences and presentations of all types. For example, ‘parenting conferences’ are so common that there may be 500 per year. Most people don’t pay attention to what organization is presenting a conference. They assume that they are all pretty much the same and well-run by professional organizations.

Ivory Garden is a credible and reliable corporation. We provide all financial information for public inspection. Ivory Garden websites are prolific and openly available to the public. We follow through with all that we promise perspective attendees, sponsors, and speakers at our conferences. We have legal privacy policies and terms of services posted on all of our sites and follow them as dictated by law. We need to ensure that everyone who wishes to support Ivory Garden donates through official Ivory Garden sites.

So to clarify – not all DID conference are the same. The Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Conference venue has always been in Seattle, WA as is the upcoming conference this October 2015. Ivory Garden is NOT affiliated with any other survivor group in any way. All of our promotion is done professionally by Ivory Garden representatives. We have secure registration on our websites, especially on The 2015 conference is being hosted by Ivory Garden as a fundraiser to benefit the TOP DD study, making this conference unique to others. In order to support the TOP DD study, make sure that you register on an Ivory Garden website for the conference being held October 16-18, 2015 in Seattle. Each Ivory Garden website also has a link to donate directly to the TOP DD studies.

The confusion about conferences is understandable. However, attendees of the Ivory Conference being held October 2015 will not only benefit from the experiences and opportunities offered by the conference, but will have contributed to important research that will continue long after the conference is over.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact me –

Pat Goodwin, MA

President, Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation